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Why "Online Valuation"

Property valuation is done by “Professional Valuers” after detailed scrutiny of documents , field visits & basing on the then market situation. This is the regular procedure involving time & cost for the seekar . Often it is found that there is wide variation between the expected value & the value assessed by the valuer. It results in change of plans with respect to buy/sale of the property or funding by the Bankers/ financier etc.Hence loss of time and effort.

In view of the above the Portal is Conceived . Here the system driven valuation is based on huge field data & good number of relevant factors and it is not an emotional decision. Thus the quick valuation is definitely better than guess work & individual opinion values. More ever the system driven valuation gives directions to assess the value basing on factors like facing, Road width, Approval type, etc. It helps in short listing & expedite the process .