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It is useful for the following :Help

  1. The property buyers / sellers
  2. The property dealers
  3. The consultants like Chartered Accountants to make a project report / feasibility report.
  4. The Banker to have a preliminary idea to cross verify the borrowers claim of property value & insist on an adequate security.
  5. To have budget plan of construction in respect of selection of interiors / fittings / fixtures as the portal provides item wise costing. Etc.,

How best the Portal can be used

The portal has been designed & developed with maximum possible user friendly view. However the following directions may be of some use.

  1. The user can ignore Zone & access locality direction if the user already knows the locality/colony name. Zone is broad grouping adopted by our self.
  2. Always try to go to closest locality. The precision involved in valuation by not fixing the locality & done thro’ zone/area is relatively less.
    For example: If the valuation of Vivekananda Nagar, Kuakatpally is valued thro’ Kukatpally then HUDA approved etc. may not give fine result.
  3. Also select appropriate parameters & avoid the parameters already discounted while selecting the locality /colony name.
    For example: ‘Jubilee Hills Society’ is selected then avoid 'HUDA approval' parameter because ‘Jubilee Hills Society takes into account 'HUDA approval' parameter. In other wards ‘HUDA approval’ parameter is required if selected Jubilee Hills. Because in Jubilee Hills there are HUDA approval / panchayat approval etc.
  4.  Always write extra parameters & fix the values for fine tuning the valuation by giving additional values ranging from 1 to 5% of the basic value or absolute figs. as suitable.

Some extra parameters identified by the portal provider :

  • Heavy elevation
  • Elevated plot
  • Good visibility
  • Good surrounding
  • Fraternity
  • Success History of the area
  • Pollution
  • Potential & Benefits of closeness to new ORR etc.
  • Some community (Business community or Software employees etc)
  • Future prospects
  • Better bargaining capacity
  • Better frontage / depth ratio
  • Corner plots
  • First floor Apartments
  • Branded buildings
  • Better Architecture
  • Special works / fittings
  • Better rental value
  • Maintenance
  • Business potential incase of commercial properties.
  • Security system
  • Show rooms need to be enhanced substantially because the shops are general & do not take in to account the show room aspects.


  1. In case of Industry there may be special Structure which are to be valued thro’ extra parameters.
  2. Second point here, in case of structure, extra ht only to be mentioned over and above the ht. already defined.
  3. Having done so much we assume you to be wise & knowledgeable user. You can stretch a little & arrive at correct value thro’ correction factor by mentioning the reasons.

My Portfolio:

  1. This Facility is available only for those users who are registered with the portal & to the extent of availability of the credits.
  2. Here the user clicks on to portfolio and go to create new portfolio and go on adding the properties. The alert messages are given as and when the values are reviewed by the portal provider.
  3. It is our endeavor to review the values at short intervals and or on any development in the real estate.

Selection of Industry:

Its usage is self explanatory and accessible to Guest user as well. But the credits required for “View-more” which gives the information available with the provider either in the form of valuation report or project report (brief).
Any further assistance log on & contact.